I think most people buy Beats because everyone has them and they look cool. If you want to go for cool looking headphones that are actually good, I recommend the V-moda crossfades that are mentioned above. I have them and I think they're fantastic. And in the last few years they've been getting more and more popular,… » 5/31/14 11:43am 5/31/14 11:43am

Please excuse a beginning DIYer question: why is the screwdriver not for prying? I have a designated old flat-head screwdriver that I use exlusively for prying. The downsides that are evident to me include all the scars on my fingers and hands that I inflicted when the screwdriver slipped... but I feel like that would… » 5/27/14 4:47am 5/27/14 4:47am

I love trying various DIY projects that I find, but they always seem to require tools that I don't have. If I, as a beginner DIYer, were to purchase and learn to use one relatively cheap tool, what would you recommend? » 5/19/14 12:16pm 5/19/14 12:16pm

I had the exact same problem! It was incredibly frustrating when I decided to try out my Dad's Android phone. I figured the reason was because I had my old iPod Touch and iPhone on and connected to wifi and they were receiving the iMessages. I didn't test it, but I figured that if I turned my iDevices off all the… » 5/14/14 12:32pm 5/14/14 12:32pm

It's very popular with teenagers. We love to send ugly pictures and update our friends on what we're doing in a less permanent way than instagram. That, in addition to sexting. » 5/01/14 12:36pm 5/01/14 12:36pm

I don't know if someone already mentioned this, but you can have text-expansion on an iPad, as far as I can tell. I use it on my iPhone all the time. You won't be able to sync it with anything on your desktop and it's probably not as powerful, but it saves a tremendous amount of time. Also, I am currently doing the… » 4/08/14 1:11pm 4/08/14 1:11pm

If you're a student, I highly recommend a Galaxy Note 10.1. I wanted to keep all my notes in one place (like in OneNote) but since I'm an engineering student I take a lot of classes that require notes that I can't type out on my laptop easily, like math or science classes. The pen on the Galaxy Note is fantastic,… » 3/18/14 9:03pm 3/18/14 9:03pm

According to the reviews of the iOS app SMS Scheduler, the app does not actually work at all. I cannot seem to make it work either. Anyone have any luck? » 3/12/14 7:02pm 3/12/14 7:02pm

Finish watching the West Wing! Although it's not nearly as good the first few seasons, it's worth sticking it out to the end. Also, I preferred another Sorkin show, Sports Night, over Studio 60- at least the first seasons of both that I watched. » 2/12/14 12:34am 2/12/14 12:34am

The Undergraduate's School Bag

I'm an undergraduate student at Drexel University. Most days I leave my dorm in the morning and don't return until the evening, so I carry everything I need for the day with me. » 1/21/14 4:04pm 1/21/14 4:04pm